Bloody Massage Candles:

 3 in 1 Soy Massage candles with a bloody twist!

    Our Soy Candles are much better for our enviroment because they don't contain carcinogens like some other types of candles, and they produce little to no soot. They are recommended for anyone that has asthma or any other type of breathing problems. These amazing candles only heat to 2 degrees above your own body temperature. Unlike other candles so you won't ever risk you or someone you love getting burned by hot wax. Let all of your stress and stiffness melt away as you burn these candles, then use them for a nice massage with an added benefit of the deep moisturizer.
                           These 3 in 1 Candles, are great for :

    1. Aromatherapy, breathe in the clean relaxing scents and just feel the stress slipping away.
     2. Melt into a warm calming massage oil. Burn a candle until a pool forms. Blow out the flame and then spoon or pour the melted wax onto you or a friend or loved ones skin. Many Couples really enjoy this part of our candle. 
Use your imagination, and just enjoy!
    3. The warm oil deeply penetrates the skin for added moisturizing.

           Made with 100% Soy Wax, grown right here in the USA!! Cocoa Butter, Shea butter, Sweet Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, and Vitamin E, color, fragrance or essential oils.

3 in 1 Bloody Massage Candle

$ 6 USD

Tins are $6.00 and Tarts are $4.oo 

Currently sold out of blooy Massage Candles. Can make to order. With or without color.