Bubbles, Baubles & Wicks had the pleasure of being a vendor at this years Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend - 2011!!

Actually two of our customers asked us to be a vendor at this years Ultimate Horror Weekend. They had just gotten back from Spooky Empire's May-Hem and thought we would make a great addition to the show! We only know them as Gary and Nico. Nico had lost her grandmother very recently :( Her friend had worked the Walking Dead meet and greet table and was very excited to meet the cast. Especially Norman Reedus, we are all huge Boondock Saints fans!! If it hadn't been for them we would probably have missed out on the Ultimate Horror Weekend! In fact this webpage is dedicated to them. Our loyal customers who thought of us!! We just hope we made you proud. -Thanks

 Our table! Who knew you could fit so much on a 6ft table? Since this was our first time, we learned the ins and outs of being a vendor. Our fellow vendors who were near us were so helpful and answered all of our newbie questions!!

We couldn' t have been a vendor without the help of my nephew Jerry. Here he is with Pam from Trueblood! Thanks Jerry!!

Even  my husband Ed got into the spirit. He went with the ripped out throat look!

Eddie Munster! How cool is that ?!

Q & A with Steve and Dave "Tango" from Ghosthunters. Again,  great seats thanks to the VIP pass!  

Our Friend Beth who brought her husband and mother to visit! Thanks Beth! 

And finally myself, Nancy- Owner of Bubbles, Baubles & Wicks LLC 

Our assistants Jessie and my daughter Amber - Working the Booth

Discussing working at the booth 

Selling at the booth! 

Jessie and Amber after having  their faces painted at the Evil twin FX booth! Amazing artists!! I can't honestly say which brother it was, Brian or Nick.. Eviltwinfx.com /kneels

Amber and Jessie - Our theme was Steampunk, I think we did fairly well hitting that mark :) 

From the Spooky Empire Flickr link ! Ghostlygavin Excellent picture!

My daughter Amber with Steve and Dave "Tango" from the Ghosthunters

My youngest son Benjamin - With Steve and Dave "Tango" from the Ghosthunters.

Ben had his face pained by one of the brothers from Eviltwinfx.com as well!!

Q & A with Lance Henriksen. Great seats thanks to the VIP pass!  

David Della Rocco "Rocco" from the Boondock Saints!

We were so exhausted by sunday we forgot to bring a phone or a camera to the Trueblood, Boondock Saints Q & A's!! Those were by far the most entertaining ones in our opinion!! Laughed until we cried!!