Spooky Empire's Ultimate Horror Weekend - 2012!

This year we didn't bring the tapestries. But, our display still looks great!

Our table, 6ft just barely cuts it!  

The left side of our table. Zombie dentures, bloody massage candles, skeleton toilet paper holder!!

Our Horror Consultants, Alberto and Mady~ Representing Bubbles, Baubles & Wicks at the VIP party. They won the Bill Hinzman doll, what an honor!!

Meet Jon and Nicole! Next year Nicole will be our Make up artist! We are SO excited! Finally the Gory Girls we want to be. Check out her Facebook page at  http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/FXMakeupByNicole

Nicole's highlight. To meet Robert Englund!!!

Our beautiful assistants Amber and Mady!

Our biggest seller this year! Sets of  water soluble paper soaps. And, of course our "swordfish" eyeball soaps.

The right side of our table. Monster B Gone Spray, Bloody bath salts, a Grim Reaper toilet paper holder! 

Alberto at the VIP party with the coveted Bill Hinzman doll!

Nicole with Dead Cookie Monster. Cookie can dance, just saying... 

Saturday night party!! The girls Nicole, Mady and Amber. All with the.. Predator